Charitable Solicitation Exemptions for Churches

Posted on Dec 19, 2016 in Exemptions, Guidelines

Like other nonprofit organizations, churches are subject to various Charitable solicitation registration laws if they ask for donations. However, churches can file for charitable solicitation registration exemptions in all states so that they can legally solicit contributions going forward, without the need to file annual registration forms as other nonprofits would. There are about 40 states that require churches and similar entities to file for exemptions. This typically requires filling out an exemption form or filing key documents with the state along with the request for the exemptions. Labyrinth is now offering a service to help churches and similar entities with this one-time filing. We will file the paperwork, track each state, and follow up to make sure that you get exemption approvals in all states so that you are compliant with the law and can solicit contributions.

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