Charity Registrations

For 30 years we have been assisting charities in registering and staying in compliance with charitable state regulations. We determine what specific requirements affect your organization and what steps you need to take. We prepare all the necessary forms and attachments, correspond with the states, and make the charitable state registration process easy for you. Nearly 1,000 of the largest, best known charities in America use our services and we have experience with all types of charities with all sorts of special situations. We can help you too.

     We perform many services to help ensure a charity legally can to receive contributions. The services we provide include guiding charities through the process of filing their Annual State Registrations, registering charities to be included in State Employee Campaigns, and filling out the paperwork needed to allow charities to accept Charitable Gift Annuities. We also provide services to get any fundraisers and solicitors you use registered to solicit contributions as well. This is important as a lack of regulatory compliance on their part can be judged by states as noncompliance on the part of your charity as well.

     If you would like to contact us about service, please call 844-863-0915 or click here.