Charity State Registration

There are approximately 45 states which have laws governing charitable solicitations. Most state laws require registration prior to the solicitation of contributions. Failure to register in a timely fashion can lead to fines, civil suits, and states revoking the right to solicit contributions in the future.

     If your nonprofit organization solicits contributions in any state, you probably have to register there. You can look here to see if your nonprofit organization needs to file. Each year several states change their laws and forms. We can help you keep up with the changes.

   We prepare all of the forms necessary to renew your registration in the states where you are currently registered or to register you in any new state in which your organization is not yet registered. We prepare the new and renewal forms for each state you request.

     We prepare extensions for those states that allow them when you haven’t received your audited financial statement or Form 990 from your accountants. We set up registered agents, correspond with the states, keep track of when your forms are due, and verify your registration status. In other words, we handle all aspects of your state registrations so that you don’t have to.

     None of your confidential information is shared with anyone – unless requested by you.

     If you would like to start this service now or prior to your next filing season, please call 844-863-0915 or click here.